For new shooters that require a Category H Licence.

We hold New Shooter Induction days on the first Saturday of every month. For these days you will need to book in with the Club prior to the day. We can also let you know the cost of Fees when you call, as Fees are due 31st of October so we are pro-rated for the rest of the year.

You will need to bring with you: 2 forms of identification, Eye protection and Ear protection.

You MUST wear enclosed shoes and it is best to wear a shirt that covers your chest area.

There is quite a bit of paper work to fill out before we start so if you could arrive by 8.30 that would be great. We start the Induction at 9am.

You can visit  for more information on obtaining a Firearms Licence in NSW.

If you would like to book in for the next New Shooter Induction day or we can help you with anything else call the Club on (02) 9628 8166