Joining Blacktown Pistol Club

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Blacktown Pistol Club has an outstanding facility at which its members can compete and practice matches of many disciplines. Members can shoot ISSF matches ("Olympic" Style Matches) including Air Pistol, Sports Pistol, Centrefire, Standard, Rapid Fire & Free Pistol. Other matches include Service, 25M service, Black Powder, IPSC, Steel Challenge and International 1920 Action & Single Action.

If you wish to join the club, please visit attend the next New Shooters Induction Day

Please bring photo I.D. (i.e. Drivers Licence or Passport). Persons aged between 12 - 17yrs are required to bring their Birth Certificate as proof of age, they also need parental consent (Parents need photo I.D.) to handle firearms under supervision.

All fees & levies are payable at the time of joining; please check our fees.

New members must attend a minimum number of club matches to complete their training & have receive their full "H" (Pistol) Licence. You will need to purchase some additional items such as targets and ammunition on these days. Match of the Day fee is $3.00. You must attend a minimum of 6 matches and sit a test to complete your training.


If you possess earmuffs & safety glasses bring them along or you may purchase them at the club. You are only permitted to shoot on the range if you are wearing closed in shoes, eye, and ear protection - thongs or sandals are not permitted.

Offensive Clothing Is Prohibited.

Safety Glasses and Hearing Protection are Mandatory when Shooting on the Range

During the first three months of membership, new members shoot under the supervision of an authorised Range Officer and are limited to using a .22 pistol or an air pistol for safety reasons.

Many members purchase their own pistols as they become more interested in different matches. For your first purchase you are advised to purchase a .22 calibre pistol or a .177 air pistol and you are able to do this once you have been licensed for 6 months.

Shooting is a family sport and partners and juniors pay a reduced annual fee each year. Members' children can join from the age of twelve and can compete in air pistol and .22 calibre matches. Juniors must be accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian who is also a member of the club.

At Blacktown Pistol Club you will pay NO additional range fees. (Match of the Day, Ammo, Targets & Pistol Hire are additional).

For new shooters that require a Category H Licence please click here